Look’s like the party’s about to end…

The Goan government has announced that all Goan clubs and pubs that support a late night dance culture (which is basically what Goa is for), are going to be disallowed exactly two weeks from now.

This means no more parties and festivals, no more Club Cubana and Mambo’s after hours, no more parties that go on until dawn, and no more anything that has to do with dancing and music and having fun after hours in Goa. The government has decided to rob the city of its most precious commodity.

Credits: leopardvalley.com

Siolim MLA Vinod Palyekar, also the Minister for Water Resources has made a statement claiming it was the police crackdown on late night parties in the Vagator area that brought about such a grim decision on the part of the Goan government. He assures the public that there will be a total and complete end to the loud music and the late night partying in the city. “We have already stopped 80% of these parties. Within two weeks, all the parties will be shut. The police have already been instructed,” he has said. According to him, bringing Goa’s rave and party scene to an abrupt end is the first step in preventing the infestation of drug trading along the coast.

So pack your bags, everyone! We have exactly two more weeks in which to make the most out of Goa’s infamous party scene before we are robbed of its glory forever.