Minecon live or Minecraft Live 2021 is just around the corner and we’re really excited for all the fun activities and especially the new mob vote and the new update which will get announced! As of now, we don’t have a lot of information regarding the mob vote or even the new update, as always, the MOJANG devs have kept it under wraps, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate based on the latest secret easter eggs!

Minecon Live 2021

Last year the Minecraft live to change the course of the game’s development in a big way. If you thought the aquatic update or the nether update was game-changing, then you were in for a treat. The caves and cliffs update is so game-changing and so massive that the devs had to split the update into two-part! 1.117 and 1.18.

So we still haven’t received the second half of the update which is the 1.118 update. But this doesn’t mean we won’t get new information about the next update. We will get an update on the 1.118 development obviously, the snapshots are already starting to roll out. Also, read – The most amazing mountain generation seeds on Minecraft Bedrock/PE

Apart from older news, also expect a new mob vote which is customary in Minecraft live. The mobs haven’t been revealed yet, but make sure you choose a mob you like and don’t get influenced by some nonsense youtube that would ruin the vote. (yes, I’m talking about Dream here)

As for the next update, it is really going to be the end update. All the signs point toward it and if you want an even more in-depth reason why the next update is the end update. Read this – Minecraft 1.19 Update will be the End Update, Confirmed!