KODI is a platform shrouded with controversy as big tech giants don’t like it, so the question arises, is KODI legal? But first, let’s just understand what it is!

If you’re someone who owns a lot of videos, games, photos, games, etc in on your device, then you might want to use a multimedia manager to access these files. Granted there are other applications out there that take care of this issue one by one, but won’t it be great if you had an application that allowed you to access and play all multimedia files in the same app?

KODI a breif overview

If you want to manage all your locally owned content, then you might’ve already dabbled into the KODI space before. KODI is a multimedia player/manager that allows you to play videos, stream videos on your TV, watch photos, play music, and much more by simply downloading kodi add-ons for the software.

KODI add-ons are a totally different field than KODI is, there are add-ons out there that allow you to download and play retro games and some even allow VR!

KODI started off as XBMC, a multimedia manager for the original Xbox and after years of development, it has turned into this great application that is called KODI. Just so you know, KODI is open-source, so you can look through the code and know if there are any malicious activities going on.

Being open-source allows it to accept add-ons from a lot of different people. But the problem with third-party add-ons is that they sometimes may be used for illegal purposes, like streaming pirated sites. KODI as a platform isn’t illegal, but make sure you look into the add-on which you’re downloading.

Installing KODI is very simple, once you’re done installing it, you might want to get your hands on some add-ons, here’s our pick for the 30 best add-ons on KODI that’ll elevate your viewing experience – Top 30 KODI add-ons!