These Grammy-award winning stars sure had an eventful week!

As we get ready to let loose this weekend, we take a look at what our favourite artists have been up to through the week. Here’s the Sherp’s pick of top social media posts by celebrities in the past week.

1. The Weeknd

He Ain’t Shy, That’s For Sure!

2. Justin Bieber

Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh At Yourself!

3. Ariana Grande

Here’s Looking At You!

4. Beyonce

As Chandler Would Say, Could This BE Any More Adorable?

5. Ed Sheeran

He Definitely Knows How To Celebrate A Birthday, Alright!

6. Lady Gaga

Little Monsters! Even Gaga Has Eyebrow Woes!

7. John Legend

Talent Runs In The Family, Alright! So Does Cuteness!

8. Bruno Mars

Bruno Absolutely Killed It At The Brit Awards

9. Drake

Yo Yo Yo!

10. DJ Khaled

Face Timing With My Little Star!