Hold your wits, because this will blow your mind!

Maja Kuczynska, at the age of 16, is an Indoor Skydiving Junior World Champion. She is stunning when she’s in the air doing what she does the best. Like a bird, she glides and dances in the air and we are sure you’ll love her sets as much as you love Major Lazer! This video was captured at the WINDOOR Wind Games 2017 and has the talented performer gliding in the air to Major Lazer’s song ‘Powerful’.

The DJs were so impressed, they shared this video on their Facebook page. Check it out:

Maja is as incredible as her freestyle routines. When you see her fly in a wind tunnel, your eyes are glued to her. Needless to say, when Major Lazer posted Maja’s video, it blew her mind too. She took to her Facebook account and expressed her euphoria in English and Polish. The post said, “Omg. Major Lazer posted my routine!!! So powerful!”