”Dil Ko Na Peeto” is so amusingly catchy, that you’ll never listen to the original track the same way again!

”Despacito” has been rocking the world and dominating the charts all over and has even made it to the top of YouTube’s most watched videos of all time! With the popularity that the track has been garnering, it was obvious that covers of the track would instantly flood social media everywhere. What’s a cover worth though if our very own Baba Sehgal isn’t mentioned on the list!

With tracks like ”Chicken Fried Rice””Go To The Gym” and so many more, Baba Sehgal is recognised as a popular artist who entertains audiences with his quirky music.  His most recent track is a spin off of ”Despacito” in his own style, and it may be said that it is so bad that is actually good! Titled ”Dil Ko Na Peeto”, here’s ”Despacito”, the Baba Sehgal style!