The unique aspect of Up2Us Ibiza is its absolute inclusivity, regardless of age, gender, race or cultural division.

Up2Us Ibiza is the latest addition to the Ibizan culture, in a festival style night of music, beaches, and frolic. Up2Us Ibiza, launched by Ritual and Namaste Ibiza, was started as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of Namaste Ibiza.

The event thrives on inclusivity of all people regardless of age, gender, caste or religious divisions. This forward-thinking festival encapsulates the audience with its live art, musical performances, both by DJs and Live Musicians, and expressive dance, while also allowing the audience to interpret and determine the outcome on their own.

Entering into the festival itself transports you to a realm of serene beauty and wondrous possibilities as you are greeted by an eclectic array of hand crafted stalls, mixed markets, food vendors, seasoned musicians and feature vocalists alongside assorted DJs. The nights are transformed into a magical wonderland, as the audience is subjected to wondrous music resounding from the Pachamama Stage and sounds of International DJs coming from the terrace.

At Up2Us, it is a celebration of life and the freedom of the soul. It is a common sight to see people of all ages, children to teens and even the older generation rejoicing in the canopy and under the stars along the Ibizan coast.

Up2Us is unlike other festivals popular in Ibiza. The festival eliminates seclusion between people by excluding the VIP treatment and treating everyone as equals. A festival where art, creativity, friendship, music and unity without seclusion, becomes the prime focus, Up2Us Ibiza is a festival experience that is soon gaining popularity among forward thinkers around the world.

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All image courtesy: Everyday Agency