”Taste” is musical bliss complete with Naquita’s soothing vocals that gets you grooving and wanting for more!

Mumbai based Producer / DJ ‘Nanok’ aka Jai Vaswani has cemented himself, over the past 12 years that he has been in the business, as one of India’s foremost acts in the music scene. With 2 EPs and a number of singles and remixes to his name, the producer/DJ is recognized as one of the more exciting acts to emerge from home base.

In his most recent release, ”Taste” alongside the talented vocalist Naquita D’souza, Nanok transcends sound to a whole new level with his accomplished and tasteful beats. The single is his second release on AIA (Artist Intelligence Agency) and leans towards an R&B feel elevated by the sensual vocals of Naquita D’souza.

Listen to the track below:

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