DJ Magda performed a set above the clouds in a hot air balloon and there’s a 360° video for you to experience it!

Everyone is always trying to outdo each other in the music festival industry with a constant pressure to innovate. Keeping that in mind, DJ Magda just took the trend of festivals and artists choosing dangerous or exotic locations to new heights. While at Switzerland’s Caprices Festival last week, the DJ, along with 15 guests, played an hour long set a couple hundred feet in the air. Though only a few could be up there, the entire set was luckily captured on 360° cameras for our viewing pleasure right here on the ground.

DJ Magda is is an international DJ and music producer of Polish descent. She is well known for her Minimal Techno music and work with Richie Hawtin published on his label M_nus.

Watch the 360° right here (You can control and scroll the video in any direction you want) :