Wakarusa Festival in Arkansas earns the unique distinction of merging nature with music in the purest form. The Sherp dissects how well it really does!

Music is often termed as the song emanating from nature itself. It’s a very profound connection, and very few people tend to recognise that. Thus, Wakarusa is like those many festivals around the world who understand that unabridged association. Taking music, and music lovers alike to the most natural surroundings and letting the festival spirit unfurl. We list out exactly what makes Wakarusa 2015 work!

A natural arena

The most obvious benefit to being a Wakarusa attendee is the sudden rush of nature you’re delightfully subjected to. It’s not festival arena built from scratch, all concrete and no soul. But happening in the midst of the Mulberry Mountain, surrounded by a naturally enabling amphitheatre, it’s pure joy to be seated on grass while watching the concert on the stages. The camping facilities provided with the festival help amplify the process of being one with nature, as you and your fellow attendees get together and create a mutually respectful and empathetic community.

Wakarusa 2013 © Spady Photography



The musical troupe

Wakarusa makes one thing very clear. It takes music to nature, allowing people to have the best of both the experiences. Their 2015 line-up is extremely eclectic and musically satisfying. Here are our picks!



Major Lazer

Major Lazer is a combining effort of four uniquely sounding producers – Diplo, DJ Jillionaire, Walshy Fire, and DJ Boaz van de Beatz. Together their sound is catchy, beatstatic, and well produced to thumping results. With two albums – Peace is the Mission and Music is the Weapon announced back to back, one can only hope that they debut some tracks off the album at the pristine surrounding of Wakarusa.

The Roots

The Roots are a band of legendary stature. Their approach to hop-hop with a jazz backdrop to it has been uniquely recognised the world over. With the repertoire of 10 studio albums and several collaborations and recordings, the band is one to definitely watch live. Also, The Sherp thinks their style of music is best enjoyed amidst nature.

Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals

Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals bring to fore a heady mix of genres: there’s folk rock, indie, gospel, blues, soul and alternative, making the band that much more interesting, backed by the prowess of Ben Harper as a singer of incredible talent.


Sound Tribe Sector 9 is an absolute breathtaking band to catch live, because they excel on what is livetronica. They give semblance of electronica with live instruments employing methods of psychedelia, hip-hop, jazz and even dubstep.

Art and show

Wakarusa plays great emphasis on live art and performances, making it a well-rounded experience like any other. There is live public art and graffiti, along with an abundance of artists creating art in real time and space. Along with that there are shows featuring live performers dabbling in interesting art forms. There’s one for all!

Zac-Holley-e1429817704986 subtle light




Earthy vibes

The general vibes at Wakarusa are very earthy-esque. Designed to suit the heart of the natural loving drifter. People who come in with no strings attached. It’s celebratory, which makes it the ideal way to spend your summer!





(all images credits mentioned on the photo. source: wakarusa.com)