Wacky, wicked and delightfully creative – Florida’s Fantasy Fest can make your cosplay dreams come true!

Fantasy Fest is October’s craziest festival, which can rival many parades and costume parties from around the world. The event was started by businessmen and entrepreneurs in an effort to celebrate the start of the winter season.

Fantasy Fest is definitely a PG 18 event, where hedonistic nude parties are the norm. Key West hosts the festival for a key demographic of enthusiastic cosplayers, nudists and the LGBTQ community. Even though the audience has become more mainstream over the years, the event still manages to stay true to its wickedly fun roots.

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The parade includes, body painting parades, extravagant balls, costume competitions, and we kid you not – home-made bikini contests! It all starts with the Goombay Street Party, as the kickoff event. The next day the Royal Coronation Ball crowns the Fantasy Fest King and Queen. After which come a slew of events like the Tuesday Headdress Ball,  the Wednesday Pet Masquerade and the Sloppy Joe’s Bar’s toga party where people  turn up in only wreaths and bed sheet-loin cloths.


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Over the years people have got more creative and intricate with their body paintings and costumes, which as a spectator you’d be pretty amazed by. The fest has erupted from Key West’s liberal culture and is inclusive of everyone, regardless of  race, sex, age, creed and colour. It truly is the most immersive yet undeniably fun and debauched festival Florida has been privy to.