TEDxBlackRockCity is the only TEDx to have been held at Burning Man, and its fourth event was held this year.

Every year, Black Rock City is home to a whole lot of artistic, socially relevant, or just plain strange events and phenomena. This year, it was called “Through the Looking Glass”, and had a diverse team of speakers, along with volunteers who made it all happen, who were Tedx-ers from TEDxShanghai, TEDxVancouver, TEDxVail, TEDxStockholm, TEDxTokyo, TEDxMorelia,TEDxSanMigueldeAllende and more.


The co-founder of Burning Man, Crimson Rose, was one of the speakers, and she spoke about female leadership. John Hardy, TED speaker and co-founder of the Green School in Bali was another, along with Favianna Rodriquez, an artist whose work focuses on tackling issues like climate change, migration, and sexual empowerment for women of colour.


The event was a success, considering that people filled up the dome, with a line waiting to get in, despite the dust storm on the day TEDx was scheduled. Hundreds of people listened to the event via live audio feed. With an event like this that’s been running for 4 years, there is no doubt that Burning Man continues its tradition of bringing in unique innovations and ideas. TEDx fits in well with the spirit of Burning Man.

(All Images: Kelly Page/tedxinnovations.ted.com)