Burning Man regular Diplo put up his set from this year on SoundCloud. Check it out.

Skrillex and Diplo have a habit of popping up all over Burning Man, performing sets “ranging from trap/dubstep at Question Mark to UK Bass at the Opulent Temple… Dub and classic reggae on the Dancestranaught car, and even deep techno and tribal house at Robot Heart.” They give everyone a good time.

But this year, while Skrillex experimented with new styles in his set in the spirit of Burning Man, Diplo decided to dig deep into his roots, playing a set of all classics, from West Coast and 90’s hip hop classics before moving to house anthems, psych-rock, The Ronettes and even Van Morrison.

All of you who couldn’t make it to the playa, Diplo has put his set up on SoundCloud. While the audio quality might not be the best, it definitely embodies a Burning Man experience. Check it out: