Vh1 Supersonic got an artistic touch this edition.

The last music festival to hit festival season proved to be the biggest one of them all. Vh1 Supersonic’s first fully multi-genre line-up brought fans across genres together to celebrate music at its best. And not just that; the festival also made way for abundant experiences that fans could indulge in while making merry with the choicest food and beverages available to them. And yet there was more.

This year, the organisers at Vh1 Supersonic enrolled some special helpers to help them create an atmosphere that resonated with the desired festival vibe. 180 talented art students from the Symbiosis Institute of Design came on board with ideas that truly stood out at the festival. Not to mention, they worked hard and tirelessly to ensure their designs were tastefully executed, looking into the welding, painting and everything else right from inception. I mean, I’m sure most of you have clicked innumerable selfies while posing in front of any of these creations.

So, if you couldn’t figure out what each of these installations stood for, here’s the clarity you were waiting for:

Abstract Palms

These beautiful lit artificial palm trees created a mellow environment using woollen threads to depict the spectrum of colours that could be enjoyed under the night sky. By using recycled materials like cans, jute and bamboo, these pieces were developed keeping a sustainable approach in mind.


You remember the large white jelly fishes blowing gracefully in the wind just off the box office area. The idea was to emulate the ocean habitat of the jelly fish by placing the installation in this vast space. They looked even more spectacular under the night sky.

Jungle Gym

We had a great time travelling back to our childhood while maneuvering our way around the Jungle Gym. Made of many exciting components such as the adventure rope, a climbing net and bamboo bars, the space also offered an area to relax and enjoy a cool cup of victory beer.

Elevated Supersonic Logo

The Supersonic logo that was turned into an experiential space through the addition of colourful elements, lights, seating space and interactive suspensions. When the logo is this enticing, you very well know the power of the brand it stands for.


This typography installation is a perfect celebratory amalgamation of the driving forces of the fest; talented artists from all around the world coming together to commemorate their love for music, and the collaboration creating an explosion of magic, vibrancy and color.

Walkway 1

The entire walkway was designed in a manner that would give you the feel of a colourful, funky spectrum.
The first installation in the walkway was the “Coloured Crystals”; which is a series of crystals that show the transition of the seven colors of the spectrum.

After the coloured crystals, came ‘An Awesome Wave’; an installation that was made as a tribute to alt-J, being named after their debut album. Food packaging lid sheets were used to make fish scale-like shapes to create the wave that would eventually reflect the entire spectrum on being hit by light.

The ‘Memory Crystals’ were holographic crystals that you can pick up as a souvenir.

In the hip-hop zone lived an installation made purely from just old, discarded CDs called ‘The CD screen’.

Walkway 2

The trippiest installations of them all were an arrangement of panels to form a ‘lenticular’ image, one where you can see two images off the same frame. It was quite interesting to watch the image stitch itself together based on your position while traversing down the walkway.

If you loved these installations as much a we did, then post some of your memories with them on our wall. 

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