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ARTBAT and their impressive UPPERGROUND imprint launch into 2023 with the second in their ‘Selected’ series with another powerful four tracks featuring the talents of Sasha Carassi and Husa & Zeyada, Losless, Adam Sellouk and Roman Kyn.


1) Sasha Carassi, Husa & Zeyada – Bad Wrongs Listen Here ]

2) Losless – Deeper Listen Here ]

3) Adam Sellouk – Hypno Therapy  Listen Here ] 

4) Roman Kyn – Take It  Listen Here ]

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UPPERGROUND continues to grow and the label enters 2023 coming off the back of a sell out New Year’s show at Zamna in Tulum, and with many more UPPERGROUND events incoming this year, 2023 looks to be a very strong year for the Ukrainian artists’ label.

For the second in the ‘Selected’ series the pair pick 4 very special tracks that have been the backbone of their sets for the past few months.

First out of the box is Sasha Carassi’s collaboration with Husa & Zeyada titled ‘Bad Wrongs’. This is a raw and rasping electronic track, with its passionate and raw vocal cutting through, this is a special track that is going to be featuring heavily in many a DJs set over the coming months.

Next up is ‘Deeper’ by French DJ Producer Losless, who combines soundscapes, acid sounds and a hypnotic-like arrangement that takes you on an emotive and powerful journey. The track makes you want to close your eyes, will transport you throughout the cosmos and gives you a moment of introspection into life.

Following on we come to the sounds of Adam Sellouk with his aptly named ‘Hypno Therapy’ track and he doesn’t disappoint. Using a strong powerful saw bassline which opens and closes, he adds a trance infused sounding melody lead creating a track that is truly hypnotic and spiritual and one that will certainly be a firm favourite with crowds who love to experience a smooth and enlightening journey when they’re clubbing.

Last but most certainly not least is Roman Kyn and his latest creation ‘Take It’. A pulsating bassline gets you locked in from the get-go, before the enigmatic synths and thought provoking vocal hits. The combination of everything together gives this track uplifting emotion and feels like a blend of modern day and the sound of early electronic music pioneers such as New Order, and Depeche Mode and is an inspiring track to finish off the second edition of ARTBAT’s ‘Selected’ series.