Dada Life are all set to break the Guinness World Record for everyone’s favorite activity – pillow fight!

News about a massive pillow fight that will be taking place at the Aragon Ballroom at Chicago on 26th Oct 2013, has surfaced.  We predict it will be one of those events that can make someone go bananas, and where there are bananas there is Dada Life.

Dada Life, known for their crazy antics & obsession with bananas, were inspired to create a record so unique that only they can break it.
During their Dada Land Tour, they went through 3,000 champagne bottles & 8,000 lbs (3,628.739 Kg) of bananas, and to add to their craziness they got a 30-man marching band to perform at EDC Las Vegas in 2011.

And if this wasn’t enough, they’ve decided to raise the stakes by making an announcement i.e.  their attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the biggest pillow fight at the Aragon Ballroom. This will be taking place at the ‘Happy Violence’ gig which will host up to 4,800 people. Much to everyone’s delight, Dada Life will provide the pillows to everyone present that night, marking the largest pillow fight in the history of mankind!

All of this is in celebration of Dada Life’s latest single Born To Rage that will be out exclusively on Beatport on Oct 28.


And they did it!

Dada Life shattered the world record for the ‘world’s biggest pillow fight’ with over 3706 people attending & bashing each other with pillows! Dada Life put this message on their facebook.

Yesterday we all made history in Dada Land here in Chicago…The worlds biggest pillow fight! The official Guinness world record is now ours! HAPPY VIOLENCE!!!’