This December, Smirnoff Experience festival will give Indian music fans the cutting edge audio-visual festival experience that they’ve been waiting for. 

Headlined by dubstep icons Nero and Rusko, Smirnoff Experience will blur the lines between technology, music and visual art. Smirnoff Experience is scheduled to take place on 21st Dec’13 at Manpho Convention Centre, Bangalore. World-renowned stage designers Alex Lazarus and Heather Shaw of ‘Vita Motus’ will create an exclusive set for Smirnoff Experience, one that showcases the limitless possibilities of visual art.

The artists

Nero are a Grammy Award winning electronic music trio who are held in high regard for constantly innovating the dubstep genre. Their remix of Skrillex’s “Promises” won the Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording in 2013. Speaking about their act at Smirnoff Experience, Nero mentions, “This is the first time we’ve ever been to India yet it is a place that we’ve always wanted to come and visit. We look forward to performing for our fans here”.

Nero – Promises

Nero – Crush on You


Sort of, the  Don of Dubstep, Rusko Christopher Mercer is known for his productions and international collaborations with artists like Caspa, M.I.A. and Cypress Hill. His hypnotic beats and compelling synths have moved phenomenal crowds across dance floors around the world. Speaking on being associated with Smirnoff, Rusko says, “I can’t wait to come out to India!  It’s going to be my first time ever, and I have a bunch of cool new tracks to bring with me!”

 Rusko – Everyday

Rusko – Somebody to love

Speaking about the launch of Smirnoff Experience, Bhavesh Somaya, Marketing and Innovation Director, Diageo India says, “Through Smirnoff Experience we will bring to life the most innovative collaborations with creative partners like Alex, Nero and Rusko to engage the Indian consumer like never before. The festival in its entirety is set to inspire Indian audiences by and unleash their spirit of inventiveness that is truly “Yours for the Making.”

This unique festival by Smirnoff celebrates innovation, embraces passion for art and music and gives fans an opportunity to dance their heart out and take home memories worth a lifetime!

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