You knew this was coming. Swedish House Mafia’s documentary which is focused on their ‘One Last Tour’ is going to be out soon! (We hope)

After shocking the dance music world by announcing their split at the peak of popularity, Swedish House Mafia has revealed the first trailer to an upcoming documentary chronicling the band’s final world tour. Featuring superstar DJs Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, Swedish House Mafia was an immediate success, helping initiate the current EDM craze with worldwide smash hits from the group’s debut single, “One (Your Name)” in 2010 to its last, 2012 blockbuster “Don’t You Worry Child.”

The clip itself, pulls at all the right heart strings and by showing you the trio traveling around the world, selling out arenas, and just doing what they love with their best friends.

The three DJs are seen living the high life of dance floor success, cruising on high-powered speed boats and spinning the group’s patented blend of progressive house beats to massive stadiums packed with fans. In a voice-over, one of the members is heard marveling at the band’s stratospheric success, saying “we could never go into Madison Square Garden ten years ago, they would say we were f***ing out of our heads. All of a sudden we can play in any stadium in the world.” There are shots with the band hanging out with Skrillex & playing some tennis. (?!?!)

However! There is a dark side to this…

Selling a million tickets ain’t easy. “You get sick of people after a while,” says the voice of one Swedish House Mafia member followed by Angello saying, “I can’t picture myself DJing at the age of 40… you get to a point when you just got to stop.” The clip winds to a close with slow-motion images of fireworks and screaming fans on the farewell tour, ending with one of the DJs simply stating, “It’s over.”

There is still no official release date, but going by the name ‘Clip One’ the Sherp is pretty sure there’s more from where that came. Have a look for yourself.