Some of these festivals are so unusual and weird, yet a compulsory experience to have!

Even in a digital world, there are still many ancient traditions of mankind that are still relevant. These festivals are not only important, they can also transform your life. While virtual technology has done a lot to bridge communication gaps, it is still the historical rituals that connect us more. This is why most people still crave for festivals because of the deeper opportunity it offers to sink into bonding with others and themselves.

Due to cultural curiosity and the desire by people to push beyond their limits, festivals often help us
to live a more robust life. However, not everyone enjoy ”ordinary”celebrations like Oktoberfest and Mardi Gras for the simple reason that they don’t have any element of bizarreness. Even the less mundane ones like Glastonbury can not compare to Bun Climbing or Cheese Chasing. This is why most people prefer to visit: strange, unusual and sometimes dangerous or calm, traditional festivals that make life less boring.

With this in mind, below are unusual and traditional festivals people often choose. Add them to your bucket list so you can attend when you get the chance.

1. Mud Festival

Boryeong, South Korea (July)

Credits: Stars and Stripes

There’s only one reason why the Mud Festival is so popular in Asia – it’s messy in an exciting way. In spite of all the parties and coastal rides, it’s still the dirty mud activities that draws the crowd every year.

2. Busó Festival

Mohács, Hungary (March)

Credits: An American In Budapest

The Busó Festival is a traditional ceremony that looks more like a ritual, with men wearing frightening costumes as horned devils trying to initiate summer before it’s here. Though the sight is terrifying, crowds still gather every year to watch the drama just like gamers do when they come across no deposit mobile casino offers.

3. La Tomatina

Buñol, Spain (August)

Credits: National Geographic

As indicated by the name, La Tomatina is a popular fiesta that takes place on the streets of Buñol in summer every year. Crowds gather from various part of the country and even outside, to experience what you could call a ”crazy tomato fight”. It is messy, yet wonderful. If you ever make it here, don’t forget to throw a tomato at someone or you will only be on the receiving end.

4. Cheese-Rolling Festival

Cooper’s Hill, UK (May)


Though strange and somewhat dangerous, this annual event in Gloucestershire is still one of the most popular festival in UK. Every year, people gather either to watch or compete in what you could call a ”cheese chase”. Competitors are made to chase after heavy giant rolls of cheese that are let down from Cooper’s hill.

5. Baby Jumping Festival

Castillo de Murcia, Spain (June)

Credits: Pinterest

Mind you, this is not a spelling error; it is what it says! No doubt, it is a bizarre tradition, but that is what makes it even more fun. This festival looks like some sort of exorcism where scary dressed men are made to jump over babies lying in blankets. It is believed that the exercise will cleanse the newborn infants from their original sin. Though, it sounds ridiculous, the suspense still draws a large crowd every year.

Article Courtesy: Rebecca Vaxon