The Beer Circus is here to turn that frown upside down!

Eeeeeeeeeee… a beer festival is on its way! And, to double up that excitement, it’s happening at the only place in India where you can’t go a day without a pint of beer – Goa! Yes friends, The Beer Circus is all set to go down on the 4th and 5th of November at the Stone Water Eco Resort, Bogmalo. Get your tickets here

A two-day celebration that looks to unite beer lovers from around the country/world and pamper them with the best of beer brands, breweries and beer traditions from all around the world, The Beer Circus has only one objective in mind – to make sure everybody gets to have a ball of a time. Pataka Events are the captains who are curating, designing and executing the festival. Joshua Antao, Ayesha Kirti Gurung & Natasha Parekh wanted to turn their vision, of bringing together a property that involves a 360 degree outlook to the world of Beer, into a reality. With just a couple of days to go, that vision is slowly taking shape and it seems like they have gone all out to ensure patrons get the experience they sign up for. Here are reasons why you cannot miss The Beer Circus.

1) The passes are as affordable as INR 900 for both days!

You heard that right. You would think that a festival is Goa can get quite heavy on the pockets. But fear not, because The Beer Circus is all set to welcome you with passes that are absolutely affordable. The regular ticket to attend both days can be purchased at INR 900, while the passes per day come to about INR 500. There are VIP passes available too, which come to INR 4130 for both days and INR 2360 per day. The MIP passes include entry for 6 people and come to INR 35400 per day. To know more about what each ticket entitles you to, just check this link and book your tickets here as well.  

Credits: The Beer Circus

2) Conveniently-located venue

The Beer Circus 2017 will take place at the Stone Water Eco Resort, Bogmalo. For those of you who haven’t caught wind of this venue before, it’s just 5 km away from the airport. And what’s even better is that it is central to both North and South Goa. This means that you can opt to stay in either parts of Goa and still not have to travel much to get to the fest.


3) Festival by the bay

It’s been a while since we enjoyed a good festival by the sea, especially in Goa. Stone Water Eco Resort is located on Santrem Beach, making it an ideal location far away from the overpopulated beaches of Goa. It offers just the right amount of privacy for you to enjoy your time at the festival with other like-minded groups, and not curious onlookers.


4) The Brewniversity

It’s criminal to attend a beer festival and not learn a thing or two about beer. For rookies like us, there will be a learning zone at the fest which will have John John Eapen, a well-known beer evangelist who is widely popular in the Beer Fraternity around India, imparting interesting beer knowledge and conducting various beer tasting sessions.

Credits: flickr @eat&STYLE

5) All things beer

Your love for beer shouldn’t be kept a secret. Which is why, you can buy a ton of fun merchandise and clothes at the flea market and proudly flaunt your exclusive relationship with beer. If you wish to set up a stall instead, you can sell T-shirts, collectibles, dreamcatchers, stationery, home décor etc. Just make sure that they are inspired by beer and beer alone.


6) Move over Oktoberfest

If you missed the chance to head to Germany for the Oktoberfest, here’s some good news. The Beer Circus is going to be styled along the lines of the Oktoberfest. This includes the complete package, right from bringing down the best of brews from across the country to a mix of commercial and craft beers.


7) What is beer without some beer-inspired food?

There will be a special section for home chefs to showcase their culinary skills. Their menus will be an interesting spin-off on the regulars, while each dish will be infused with an element of beer. Interested participants can get themselves a stall and roll out food combos that go well with a nice chilled glass of beer.


8) Welcome to FROTH INN

The Beer Circus is all about the complete experience. For this, they have curated a super interesting concept called ‘FROTH INN’, where beer lovers can stay at the festival in luxurious log cabins with all of the room’s amenities. To avail the packages, check out this link here.


9) World music to get your foot tapping

Have you heard of a festival without music? Rightly so, The Beer Circus is going to host performers from a variety of genres as diverse as African Folk, Reggae Dub, Jazz, Blues Rock and more. This will be curated by The Live Music Project, who are the official music curators for the live stage. Performances will feature throughout the duration of the festival, keeping audiences on their feet while they enjoy their brews and good food.


November is a great time to head to Goa, and The Beer Circus gives you more reasons to plan your trip around it. One thing is for sure, you won’t be disappointed. So get your tickets here.