One of the most beautiful music festivals in the world is not without its flaws. Thanks to an unruly group of pickpocketers at Coachella this year, some people had the worst festival experience ever.

There’s an entire thread on Reddit dedicated to this problem. Called PSA: Pickpocketing, the thread is essentially a warning to all the attendees next weekend, so that they don’t have to suffer what festival goers on Weekend 1 suffered.

Coachella 4

(Courtesy: Coachella / Facebook)

The thread has given descriptions on these thieves, and ways to find them. An excerpt from the thread states, “Some of them are dressed as if they are working the events (security outfits, people who clean up liter etc.) but will have like a backpack under their shirt or something a long those lines. They’re easy to notice cause they’re in the middle of the crowd when they’re not supposed to be.”

The comments have supported this claim, with stories of phones being stolen and inconvenience being caused. We can only hope this issue gets solved on the second weekend of Coachella, as this is a really serious matter and it cannot be overlooked at all. We have some more excerpts from the thread right here:

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You can check out the entire thread here.