According to Vijay Nair, Founder of OML, the Chief Minister, the Tourism Minister and the Deputy CM bought passes for themselves and their families.

This year’s Delhi Weekender seems to have been a huge success. The festival made Delhi the first city to get single window clearance for festivals, which means it can hold large events within city limits. And at the Weekender, Vijay Nair also revealed that it was the first event in Delhi where not a single rupee was spent on bribes.

weekender3(Image via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)

While we don’t really know if Kejriwal and the rest actually did show up and groove to some Flying Lotus and Mogwai, we still think it’s really cool that an event like this is getting recognition from the government, and officials are even showing an interest in attending it! But I think we can all agree that if they were there, it would have been really fun to watch.

Watch this short interview with Vijay Nair at the Delhi Weekender: