Drake is the silent one; he never reveals his secrets and never starts a feud with someone for no reason. He’s a businessman, a staunch one to be precise; every move he makes is pre-calculated, and hence he never gets into a beef that’ll ruin his legacy. But it seems like Kanye West wants to disrupt Drake’s legacy at any cost.

The feud between the megastars goes way back; it has been a source of debate over who started it, but many believe, and the popular discourse is that Kanye initiated the feud when he thought Drake might overtake him. But there’s no problem in Drake overtaking Ye, as Drake has, on multiple occasions praised Ye, and said he is his biggest inspiration.

But the Kanye God complex wasn’t having any of it, and he has been keeping DONDA behind the vaults so that he could release it when Drake releases his project. Ye wants’ to repeat the infamous Graduation feud with 50 Cent, where he beat 50 Cent by a huge margin. But it seems like the Champagnepapi doesn’t want to play.

It has been really frustrating to see Kanye holding his new music back for stupid reasons, and Drake is also getting agitated. And this agitation ended up in a diss, not a sneak diss, but a full-on diss towards Ye. Drake spoke his heart out on a new song with Trippie Redd and said he isn’t afraid to beef with anyone.

He even took shots at Pusha T. We hope they both drop their albums on the same day so that the feud comes to an end after a decade of back and forth!

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