Here’s how you can prepare yourself for what will be the most gritty and exhilarating journey of your life.

This weekend, the scenic Dudhani Lake in Silvassa will be host to The Mud Rush, the quintessential escape for proud adrenaline junkies. With multiple challenging obstacle courses, nerve wrecking yet copiously thrilling activities like zip-lining and bungee jumping, an enigmatic sundowner and more you should check out in this article, this year’s edition of The Mud Rush promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Ergo, The Sherp has a list of some things you may want to keep in mind before you throw yourself into this rollercoaster of an adventure. PS, you’re welcome.


1. The right outfit.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when preparing for this epic mud-fest is obviously, how you’re going to clothe thyself. Unlike Coachella, Burning Man or any international festival, Mud Rush has no room  for the faux-hipster outfits with the meticulous accessories seen on Instagram. The Mud Rush is brutal and grueling and you need not dress to impress. A simple t-shirt and light pants with shoes that have good grip should suffice. Do remember: comfort is key.



2. The state of mind.

Not for the faint of heart, spirit or prone to faint in general, The Mud Rush will challenge you and make you want to challenge yourself. It’s the perfect outlet for all that pent up adrenaline, so make sure you come with a mind looking for a rush. By the end of it, you will be exhausted, sated and back home with a plethora of good memories and stories of your adventure. So better do some mental push-ups before you jump into it.



3. The camping goods.

One of the coolest elements about this experience is the outdoor camping. So make sure you come prepared with all your equipment – sleeping bags, flashlight, food, water, and portable shelter a.k.a., a tent. Or, you, know, laying bare in the grass is cool too. What’s the worst that could happen? (Hint: poison ivy and/or bugs in your pants.)



4. Maybe do a bunch of jumping jacks at home?

This is a good way to prepare yourself for all the physical challenges at The Mud Rush. If you’re really dedicated, maybe go all out and jump-jack wherever you can. Shopping malls, grocery stores, even at home – practice does make perfect, after all.



5. Last but certainly not the least, the DIY mud mesh.

What’s the best way to prepare for an extravagant mud-fest? Having a little pre-mud fest all on your own. Create fake mud through an internet tutorial (or get actual mud if you’re that into it) and get slathering and sliding. Not only is this fun, it will also get you in the groove for The Mud Rush! Don’t worry about dirtying your house, nothing must come in the way of mud-bathing.


Note: We’re only jesting with the last two points, please do not jump-jack your way through life, folks. Happy Mudrushing!