A man yelled ‘Allahu akbar’ seconds before attacking a couple at the Oberhausen event in West Germany.

The couple were enjoying a picnic by the river when a man suddenly came up to them and started slashing them with their own knife. A 26 year old man was arrested by the police at the scene. He reportedly harassed several day-trippers before snatching a knife from the floor where the victims were. After further investigation he was found to be homeless and under the influence of drugs. He’s been taken under custody and being held for psychiatric evaluation.

The 66 year old woman is fighting for her life, while her 57-year-old husband was seriously injured as he attempted to overpower the assailant.

One of the victims reported hearing the attacker shout ‘Allahu akbar’ as he stabbed them, however no other witnesses have corroborated hearing the phrase and police don’t believe the attack was politically motivated. Several people attending the event were treated for shock.