As Burning Man celebrates its 30th year and with Da Vinci at the helm of the theme, it is bigger than ever. Take a look at some of the incredible work, camps and installations thanks to the internet.

  1. A world without art is unimaginable.

(Credits: Instagram/Greg V Nielson)

  1. The kids are getting into it too.

(Credits: Instagram/Elana Meta)

  1. #PicturePerfect.

(Credits: Instagram/ ronni_elissabeth)

  1. The camps are definitely worthy for a king.

(Credits: Instagram/ the_2500)

  1. But the queens are not far behind. 

(Credits: Instagram/ firekos)

  1. Dragons aren’t mythical anymore.

(Credits: Instagram/ jrgtravels)

  1. When shadows dance in broad daylight.

(Credits: Instagram/ Miss Marti Jean)

  1. Riding a bicycle never looked cooler.

(Credits: Instagram/ nataliasiwiec.official)

  1. It gets better in the dark.

(Credits: Instagram/ Jay Geraldi)

  1. A lot better (insert sobs).

(Credits: Instagram/ marina ferrante maridarbi)