This is a great initiative to help connect artists and fans through the power of the internet. 

The importance of social media is extremely high when it comes to getting your name out there and who better to help you do that than Twitter themselves? Add Rolling Stone to the mix and you have a pretty solid backing.

To do this, Twitter India and Rolling Stone India have partnered up on a bi monthly presentation dubbed #RollingWith. Twitter will host both indie and international artists in their #BlueRoom, an offline/physical space that offers artists/content creators/celebrities to segue from the offline to online world via Twitter. Gibson Guitars has also partnered up to provide the instruments for this highly curated partnership.

The performances will be broadcasted live on Periscope via @RollingStoneIN to reach fans across the country and the world on Twitter. Prior to and during the performance, the artists will also engage with fans on Twitter via exclusive video Q&As and more. A few lucky fans selected via contests will have the opportunity to witness the performances live.

#RollingWith kickstarted on August 29th with British pop sensation, The Vamps (@TheVampsband) and took place live Monday morning on Twitter. Check out some of the fan selfies and Q&As here.

As part of this collaboration, the artists cited to perform in the coming days are Urdu rapper Naezy (@NaezytheBAa), Sandunes (@sandunesmusic) and Mumbai rapper Divine (@VivianDivine). September and October will also see Nucleya (@NUCLEYA) and Dualist Inquiry (@DualistInquiry) at the #BlueRoom.


Stay tuned to The Sherp for more updates on #RollingWith!