All you house music fanatics, you’ve got some acquainting to do with SEQU3L!

Nakul Ambilkar a.k.a SEQU3L, has been flocking the electronic music scene for a while now, and has been entertaining audiences wherever he’s been. Launched in 2013, Nakul realized it was time for him to take his music beyond the local shindigs and that’s when his moniker SEQU3L was born. Nakul’s inspiration and talents for music was inculcated at home with the influences of his father.

I come from musical family. My dad is into Indian classical music and he plays harmonium etc.. I was always into music since as far as i remember. A friend of mine gave me ‘Fatboy slim’ album ‘You’ve come a Long way baby’ that got me really hooked on to electronic music.” “I watched Tiesto’s Lethal Industry video on Mtv one day after back from school and that was the moment i decided i want to be an electronic musician.”, reminisces Nakul on his first encounter with music that led him to chase a dream that would make him a renowned DJ.

What’s the story behind your moniker?

Me and a friend were trying to fix a name as my first release was getting close and i had a deadline to close in the artist name. My friend asked me what is your music to you, quick answer was ‘stories’ from real life.. And he goes how does ‘sequel‘ sound to you. It sounded really interesting, I loved the sound of it, and it somewhat connected with the kind of music i do. It just clicked.”

Nakul started off as a DJ playing residence sets since 2003, and that tallies up to an impressive decade and more experience for the artist in the music industry. Nakul is based in Pune and while he’s garnered a loyal fan-base all over India, Pune remains close to his heart and he’s a regular at the hippest weekend gigs. Adding to his already successful career, Nakul’s launch of his alter ego, SEQU3L, further heightened his success story.

“I have done many residencies the first few years when I started DJ’ing in 2003. I guess 2016 was the year i toured the most.”

Personally SEQU3L prefers not to label and restrict his music to a particular genre but he is best known to experiment with ‘Progressive House, Techno & House‘ music.

I never have any genres on mind when i start a track or play my dj sets, I have been totally true to my sound and if I love a tune i will just play it irrespective of what genre it comes from.”

Rewinding back to Nakul’s early days coming into the industry, it can only be said that fame definitely did not come easy to him. The artist shares his advice for budding musicians and those looking to get into the business.

There are no short cuts, there are no tricks. If you want to make great records you get yourself in the studio for long long hours, shut off all the distractions and Work!! Persistence & Patience is everything.”

The DJ considers his E.P. ‘Timelapse’ with the title track ‘Still Moments in Everyday Life’ and his remixes of ‘Third Son – Trigonal’ and ‘Dj Nukem & Chab Shaiva’ as the ideal tracklist that he’d like to introduce to newer audiences.

SEQU3L pursues music as his full time job and has the merits to prove his mettle. His single ‘Booka Booka‘ was featured on Beatport’s highly influential Top 100 chart. Apart from been an active performer in the dance music scene locally, SEQU3L has also shared the stage with A-Listers such as Martin Roth, Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Paul Oakenfold, Weekend Heroes, Nora En Pure, Third Son, Spartaque and more.

While SEQU3L isn’t bringing the house down with his tunes, he likes to channel his creativity towards his hobby of aeromodelling. “I have taken up Aeromodelling as a hobby since a year. So when i am not working on music i’m probably working on my next RC Airplane / Jet build. I get time only on weekends to fly them, some of them are really fasttt, one of them crosses 250 kmph + in a straight line and covers the entire flying field in 2 -3 seconds,  What a rush! I also love cooking & fitness.” 

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