We need to get our hands on this ASAP!

Whether it’s hip-hop, pop or dance music; Diplo has worked with every other top musician in the business. From Beyonce to Bieber, Diplo has established his place in the main scene a long time ago and we are always looking forward to his next project.

Now, the producer recently revealed, in an interview with Whoolywood Shuffle, that he has an unreleased collaboration with Drake and we can’t wait to hear it.  They may even have more music in store in the future. In recent times, Drake has been branching out beyond hip-hop and we’re all too glad to see him branch into an Electronic collaboration.

Diplo considers Drake one of his favourite artists at the moment and feels he can do a lot with the Canadian singer’s vocal styles. “I’m always down for Drake,” Diplo said. “He’s like one of my favorite current artists right now.”

Check out Diplo’s full interview below: