The Burning Man escapade for nature lovers, Green Man Festival 2015 saw an abundance of involvement, art, music and creative expression. The following pictures show just how!

As we told you last week, Green Man is truly a festival that paints an inclusive picture – inviting families, liberated free-thinkers, artists, creative expressionists with equal energy, and delivers the best kind of experience to each of these highly distinctive groups! This year too, this British festival held at Brecon Beacons at South Wales brought together these unique communities of revelers in a spirit of liberal celebration. The pictures coming in are proof to just how surreal and aspirational the 2015 run of the festival, that concluded only yesterday, was.

1. The festival of Green Man, like its American counterpart centres around the prominent Green Man structure, a tall built resembling a man, made from leaves and twigs, that is burnt later to commemorate the festival’s end. The 2015 Green Man formation signified every bit the festival’s earthy upbringing.

11892108_10153191999436553_8648697144024344889_n(Credit: Green Man Festival Facebook)

2. Pass a lot to its majestic, composite brilliance will you?

@anneselwy(Credit: @anneselwy | Instagram)

3. Considering how Green Man fosters thought and conversation, one can almost catch the glaring metaphor behind the largeness of the structure; at its ability to look at and protect its revelers, puny in comparison.

@leswillox(Credit: @leswillox | Instagram)

4. And the people too, took utmost care to not disturb the festival’s underlying theme, that of liberated living. Whether it was turning up in a Lady Diana adorned carpet –

@neufunkaum(Credit: @neufunkaum | Instagram)

5. Or whether it’s your funkiest pair of dump-me-out tattered jeans paired with the perfect combat boots, everything and everyone is welcome.

@imogrenwrote(Credit: @imogrenwrote | Instagram)

6. At Green Man, everything goes, as the festival so tirelessly promotes the idea of true-to-honest self expression! You can channel your inner horse –

11137092_10153192009366553_8452734507690081305_n(Credit: Green Man Festival Facebook) 

7. Or your inner bear, or inner drunk bear or whatever this is –

@pgriffiths(Credit: @pgriffiths | Instagram)

8. Green Man proves to be the one place that lets you be all of it. 

@zagoz(Credit: @zagoz | Instagram)

9. The 2015 space too was one were the brightest, most curious minds found sanctuary –

11228037_10153189486936553_6950895357894470246_n(Credit: Green Man Facebook)

10. And they can go, jump onto any of the adventures that awaits them at the festival

11866397_10153192009046553_3175265973828210372_n(Credit: Green Man Facebook)

11. And as everyone who was at the 2015 edition and who has ever been to Green Man knows, it’s the place of beauty –

@photorobw(Credit: @photorobw | Instagram)

12. It’s a place of happiness – 

Caitlin Mogridge(Credit: Caitlin Mogridge | Green Man Facebook)

13. It’s a place of music – 

@greenmanfest Charles Bradley(Credit: @greenmanfest | Instagram)

14. And more and more amounts of music – 

@doyleycardiff(Credit: @doyleycardiff | Instagram)

15. And lots of fun!

@bethelfyn(Credit: @bethelfyn | Instagram)

16. So here’s to a wonderful 2015 edition, that saw families have some great getaway time –

11885390_10153191974691553_4051137792450942946_n(Credit: Green Man Facebook)

17. And the coming together of some sound musical talent. 

@katiaanastasiaa(Credit: @katiaanastasiaa | Instagram)

18. And the shacking up of some eager, creative heads who came up with temp. houses like these!

@jessicapimlottx(Credit: @jessicapimlottx | Instagram)

19. And you can trust that things at the festival almost did truly go – 

11144784_10153191935651553_3754452136897959922_n(Credit: Green Man Festival Facebook)

20. Before the elaborate structure was burned to ground to make for renewed and fresh ideas! Here’s to a year of stepping up to Green Man’s message of ultimate creative freedom. Until, next year. 

@ladyclews(Credit: @ladyclews | Instagram)