It’s a catch for sure!

It’s that time of the week and by that we mean it’s Trippy Tuesday! And we’re back with yet another festival which smells kinda fishy, literally.

The four-day Argungu Fishing Festival takes place in Kebbi, Nigeria in the city of Argungu. The city is known for it’s fertile river beds with tons of orchards and irrigation areas. The festival began in 1934 and has been known to draw a number of fishermen for the long awaited event.


Around 35,000 burly men plunge into the Malan Fada river, while using just their fishing nets and manly hands, in order to catch the biggest fish. Yes, everyone tries to catch the biggest fish using their bare hands and a net!

The mayhem takes place with the signal of a gunshot and a pair of fishermen get just an hour to catch the premium fish while the beat of the drums are creating the ambience for the setup. The competition has been gaining more attention since the past few years and has also become a huge tourist attraction.


The best record for the largest fish was set in 2005, with the weight of the fish being 75 kgs! That’s the weight of an actual human being! WHAAAAAAT. The winner receives a cash prize of upto $7,500 US dollars!

The festival ends with a huge celebration filled with a ton of dance and food, for everyone attending the festival to enjoy! They need it after all that hard work fishing in the river.


Don’t you think it’s time to pay a visit to South Africa this year?