The TRiBE of FRoG Festival is pretty much trippy heaven. From the music to the atmosphere to the people who attend it, this festival is nothing if not psychedelic.

TRiBE of FRoG is a community that brings people together to a “frogadelic playground”, with an incredible lineup of live acts, producers and DJs from the UK and all around the world. On 26th September is frog festival of epic proportions, with 6 dance floors and 2 outdoor areas. There are 6 ‘Ultra-Immersive Ultra-Violet Frogadelic Party Environments’, imp dancers, fire performers, and people are very likely to be dressed in costumes, neon clothing and accessories.

This year, for their 15th Birthday, TRiBE of FRoG is planning a party bigger than ever before. One of the best things about this festival is there’s something here for every type of electronic and trance music lover. Area 1 is a stage for psychedelic trance, Area 2 is dedicated entirely to techno, tech-funk and tech-house and Area 3 is for progressive psytrance. The other three stages get even more specific in genre, with Area 4 for darkpsy, dark prog, forest and hi-tech psytrance, Area 5 meant solely for acid techno and Area 6 for eclectic downtempo.

Here are some insanely trippy pictures taken at the festival.

frog13frog14frog15frog16frog5 frog12 frog17

With some amazing niche music, a gorgeously trippy atmosphere and an overwhelmingly enthusiastic audience that enjoy every bit of it, TRiBE of FRoG is made for psytrance fans who love a bit of fun.

When: 26th September
Where: The Lakota, Bristol

(All Images Via: TRiBE of FRoG/Facebook)