The Horst Arts & Music Festival is an intimate gathering of independent musicians, fans and artists, that makes for the perfect underground music festival.

The festival, ridiculously gorgeous, is held in the lush green of Belgium’s hinterland, making it an experience for the true art-seeker. And per usual, Instagram was abuzz with preliminary pictures of what a lovely experience the festival’s 2015 edition really was!

We chronicle the best of the lot!

1. Horst gathers the very best of art lovers in the green valleys of Hageland hills in Belgium, making it a perfect place for an intimate gathering.

2. The natural ease of the location makes for a humbly palatable people gathering!

3. Fostering candid connections as only Horst can!

4. So much so, that the people who turn up are not just fashionably coy!

5. But they were also musically charged!

6. Because along with great food and local art sellers –

7. The festival features a selection of the most immaculate new and upcoming bands, giving attendees the joy to discover underground music like never before!

8. A lineup, led by some of the most qualitative independent music acts!

9. Horst Arts & Music Festival genuinely does boast of a demure art-fueled experience!

10. Here’s to more mellow gatherings of exceptional music!