This weekend, lovers of intimate settings will come together to take part in California’s trippy Enchanted Forest Gathering – where a forest will be ably converted to a wildchild’s playground.

Last weekend we documented how Shambhala and Burning Man ably pick the two kinds of free-thinkers as we know them. The former takes in nature-loving spirited folk, and the latter rakes in radical creative expressionists. Between the two, the ones looking for some candid foreplay choose to make way to Enchanted Forest Gathering which, now in its 5th year, ably puts up a show of music and life at California’s scenic Black Oak Branch.

Cadencia Photography(Image source: Cadencia Photography | enchanted forest gathering Facebook)

The scene

On the offset, it’s quite evident that Enchanted Forest Gathering thrives on some ingenuity as the festival pulls all stops on liquid inebriation by going alcohol free. The wild spaces of Black Oak Branch are decked up with colourful refinery and environment-sustaining materials to create a festive spot, that plays host to some affecting folk in for some mindful living.

11863277_900161280074916_4226675569495819280_n(Image source: enchanted forest gathering Facebook)

The vibe

Enchanted Forest Gathering clearly has the emotion of community spirit locked down. The festival proves a great place to meet free-thinkers like yourself while indulging in conscious activities that help in physical and mental fulfilment. The festival pushes for cross-interaction so people of varied systems can come together to create a co-dependant habitat during the festival’s three-day schedule. The call for positivity is loud and welcoming!

Hekter Vision(Image source: Hekter Vision | enchanted forest gathering Facebook)

Jazzwall Arts(Image source: Jazzwall Arts | enchanted forest gathering Facebook)

Eclectic Music Sets

From pure psy-trance harbouring trip-festivals, Enchanted Forest Gathering cuts an individualistic figure by featuring a varied genre of musicians in its lineup. From progressive rock act Papadosio, to funk dubstep champion Koan Sound, to psychedella-hip hop act Chali 2na and The House of Vibe, Enchanted Forest Gathering does a serious attempt at bringing in interestingly independent acts from across the spectrum. It’s a welcome change for any music lover to catch new and up and coming acts in action at the festival.



Karl Baba(Image source: Karl Baba | enchanted forest gathering Facebook)

Diverse campers

The festival offers camping programmes, but what makes that better is the colourfully variant forms that people employ to put up tasteful environmental-beneficial tents that only further the festival’s message. The camps are a stone’s throw away from the river gracefully flowing through the ranch, making it conducive for all festival goers.

Aaron Cyrus Dorr 4(Image source: Aaron Cyrus Dorr | enchanted forest gathering Facebook)

Aaron Cyrus Dorr 3(Image source: Aaron Cyrus Dorr | enchanted forest gathering Facebook)

Forest sacredness

The festival has dedicated spaces for sacred practices, comprising of various temple area for meditation and praying, suited to the needs of the people coming in. The Nectar Temple and the Happy Hippy Health Spa for instance invites people for a light night sauna and sound healing ceremony, where guests can engage in spontaneous singing and dance practices. There is also a tea lounge called The Hearth Tea Lounge reminiscent of the importance of the hearth in open communities, where the therapeutic drink will be made available to all, throughout a night of jazz and soul music.

Aaron Cyrus Dorr 6(Image source: Aaron Cyrus Dorr | enchanted forest gathering Facebook)

Aaron Cyrus Dorr(Image source: Aaron Cyrus Dorr | enchanted forest gathering Facebook)

Performance art

The festival puts serious emphasis on mind-body elevation and has a number of activities that facilitate the same, from healing programmes to yoga and dance that only helps further the integrated vibe of the festival – interaction and mindful healing.

Aaron Cyrus Dorr 5(Image source: Aaron Cyrus Dorr | enchanted forest gathering Facebook)

Aaron Cyrus Dorr 2(Image source: Aaron Cyrus Dorr | enchanted forest gathering Facebook)