The dazzling opening edition of this year’s Lost Party left the Sherp with some pretty fond memories of the festival. They’ve just activated an event page and it looks like the official 2016 announcement shouldn’t be far. 


If you wind back the clock to about this time last year, you must have definitely come across a peculiar Facebook event page called the ‘Lost Party‘ with an intriguing and mysterious bio. The Sherp was drawn towards it like a magnet and what manifested into a full blown camping festival in Lavasa last year, seems to be returning in 2016.


The Lost Party 2016 page has surfaced yet again inviting everyone to “Let’s Get Lost again”. The Sherp was present at the pilot edition and has fond memories of how it went down. From inception to final product, the Lost Party surprised us all with their fantastic opening installment. Acts included on their roster included musicians from all across the musical spectrum including Trilok Gurtu, Claptone, Twilight Players, Yolanda Be Cool and others. Here‘s a roundup of the hits and misses we compiled from last year.

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No official dates have been announced for the second outing but we have reason to believe that a brand new and equally gorgeous venue is in the pipeline. Much like its predecessor Lavasa, the new home will not lack behind in terms of visual awesomeness. After looking at the successful opening, the Sherp is anxiously awaiting more concrete news to surface.

Keep your eyes peeled for an updated feed for the Lost Party 2.0 

(All Images via: The Lost Party Facebook)