The Kendal Calling music festival didn’t go according to plan for a teenage kid who overdosed on ecstasy. He’s in a medically induced coma and wants the world to know. 


Reporting drug abuse instances at music festivals is becoming a somewhat useless practice now. No matter how much awareness is spread, there’s always negative news surfacing at the end of a music festival – and it usually involved substance abuse. Jordan Blackman, a young teenager from the UK, is hospitalized and under a medically induced coma after overdosing at the Kendal Calling Music Festival. The boy recently put out a picture of him in his helpless condition to urge people from refraining this growing madness.

Jordan’s mother spoke to BBC and said that her son wanted to spread awareness about his trauma after being granted a second chance at life. Have a look at it below:


Having consumed more than three different types of ecstasy, Jordan’s woes should serve as a constant reminder for over-enthusiastic children out there who believe that substance abuse is the only way to heighten their festival experience. Grow up kids, isn’t too late yet.

(H/T: Telegraph)