We absolutely, absurdly, quite visibly loved it!

So somebody said food, our ears perked up. Somebody mentioned whiskey, we were already fixated. Then somebody said there’s food that is infused with the finest Johnnie Walker blends, and we were up and out in a jiffy! Yessir you heard that right – Kala Ghoda’s quaint establishment, The Boston Butt, is where they’re mixing things up to give your taste buds the finest treat ever!

Executive chef and founder of The Boston Butt, Siddharth Kashyap, is the curator of a selective and appetising menu that is infused with the finest Johnnie Walker blends. Everything from the entrees to the desserts are infused with the finest forms of whiskey to tantalize your taste buds.

Siddharth KashyapSo, Johnnie Walker approached us saying, we want to try our blends with your American Smokehouse theme, so if you can whip out a menu where we could use Green Label, Black Label in the menu. We were really excited, because smokehouses generally use bourbon, so this was the first time that I was trying to create something with a blended scotch. We just tried to match things. We had a tasting, tasted the malts, then we just came up with the menu. Jamie obviously, makes fantastic cocktails.

What’s more, the ‘Master of Concoctions’, Jamie Walker – Luxury Brand Ambassador, Johnnie Walker – has himself curated a special line of cocktails that are sure to be unlike any you’ve ever tasted, so don’t give it a miss!

(L) Johnnie Ginger & (R) Smoky Apple Pie

Jamie Walker tells us about the inspiration behind planning this special menu, “It was fantastic. So I came to The Boston Butt, and saw their concept of food with no wastage. They smoke all of their meat. So the idea coming along I saw this barbeque, smoky-whiskey, and the Johnnie Walker family fitted in perfectly. So, we started off chatting with the chef about infusing whiskey into one or two dishes, and it grew to 7 dishes, we started making whiskey ice-cream, put a few cocktails in it. It was just the perfect fit.”

“To be honest for me, I love barbeque. I got to come and taste the menu 3 times, so it’s been feeding me for the last two weeks! A lovely collaboration – the guys at Boston Butt really serve, like, to my philosophy, especially the way they cook; you don’t want to waste anything, you want to use all through the ingredients. So yes, it was just a lovely fit. And the smokiness from the Johnnie Walker and the barbeque works really well.”

Season’s specials such as the Christmas Bundt Cake and the whiskey infused ice-creams are must tries!

Here’s the full menu:

Make your way over to The Boston Butt in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, before December 31st, between 12pm and 1am, to be a part of the greatest culinary journey you’ll ever taste! Please note, entry is allowed for patrons who are 25+ years of age only. 

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