Featuring multiple stages, a stellar lineup of artists, adventure, food, aesthetic and a fervent community, TIMEOUT 72 stood tall in delivering a performance for the ages!

The day that we’ve all been waiting for through the year finally dawned yesterday! The magnificent TIMEOUT 72, Goa, saw its debut appearance on the shores of Vagator to an ecstatic gathering of music enthusiasts who could only be seeing gleaming in all glory to what we could surely assume was the excitement of being at the festival. Day 1 featured headlining act Jason Derulo among other performers across the three featured stages, and the festival definitely held its own in creating a phenomenal start to the upcoming days.

The stages, namely – Majoris (Main Stage), Proximus (Live Stage), Eximius (Psy Stage) and the featured Vinyl Ambulance Stage shone in great light to some of the most memorable performances captured perfectly with the stunning visual of time inspired props, confetti bursts, pyro effects, and more. The main acts Jason Derulo, Lucky Ali, and Vini Vici showed off their prowess and gave the fans what they came for!

One of the key highlights of the evening was that of Jason Derulo’s (debut) performance. The pop-star was relentless in belting out his greatest hits and charging the crowd with his high octane energy on stage during his one and half hour set. Indian EDM favourites, Zaeden and Lost Stories set the tone for a larger than life performance before Jason came on. Opening the festival, the world’s first differently abled DJ, Varun Khullar, got the numbers in to a phenomenally ecstatic following of TIMEOUT 72 enthusiasts.

All three stages were treated to a phenomenal artist lineup. On the main stage, Carnivore, Sickflip, Su Real, Candice Redding and Gioli & Assia belted out their electronic music numbers while Rave Nine, Jay Ramani, Starlab and Ritmo had the crowds raging at the Psy stage.

The Live Stage resounded with the mellifluous hits of Parvaaz, Advaita and The Local Train and was also witness to the awaited performance of Lucky Ali, who delivered in great form.

Credits: RVR16

Argha Chatterjee, Director, TIMEOUT 72 stated, “The turnout today far exceeded our expectations-especially since we are a brand new property. Seeing how the momentum has shaped up on the very first day, the next two days are sure to up the temperature all the way up to the orbit.”

Adding to the euphoric atmosphere of TIMEOUT 72, the feeling was elated by the gobsmacking ‘Time Tasters Food Zone’, the ‘Time Trekkers Adventure Zone’ which featured bungee jumping, zip line and more, and the ‘Time Trippers Chill Out Zone’ which drew in a lot of crowd to its selfie booths, art installations, flea markets, etc.

While people were treated to more than they could have imagined at the festival itself, the party continued at Marbella Beach Resort, Las Olas, and LPK, where some of the finest electronic acts had the dance floor thumping till late.

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