After this, we hope to “See You Again” really soon, Wiz.

American rapper, singer-songwriter and actor, Wiz Khalifa, is making his Indian debut at TIMEOUT 72 and rap fans around the country are thrilled. Not only is it a big step for rap and hip-hop in the country, but by getting an artist who is at the peak of his career, India is slowly turning into a hot-spot destination to catch the hottest artists live in action. So don’t miss Wiz as he performs for the very first time in the country at TIMEOUT 72 in Vagator, Goa, from the 27th to 29th of December 2017. If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, get them on InsiderPaytm or BookMyShow.

Before we can catch his larger-than-life act right in front of our eyes, he had a few simple things to share about his life and his plans for the future. So read on:

When asked about his debut trip to India.

“I’m excited to visit India. I am keeping an open mind and going to embrace the culture as soon as I land. I had just heard about the personal experiences my friends have had here and the differences between India and America. I am more looking forward to creating my own stories.”

When asked about his set for TIMEOUT 72.

“Every show is about the people. So I will know once I’m there what I think the fans want to see from me. And then bring it! I am looking forward to meeting the people and my fans. I love travelling to be closer to my fans.”


When asked about any possible collaborations with Indian artists and movies.

“I don’t currently have any specific plans, but I am always open to working with dope artist no matter where they are from. I am always open to new collaborations. I would have to be in the booth and listen to the track, but I know anything thrown my way I can add to it in a way to will connect with everyone. I have heard of Bollywood and I don’t know a ton about it, but it looks dope!”

When asked about his open support for Marijuana.

“Marijuana needs to be legalized worldwide. Weed is not bad for you. So yeah, I smoke weed and I think everyone should be able to too. No matter where I am, I like to roll up some Khalifa Kush and smoke with my homies. Weed influences a lot in my life, especially my music. Just listen to my lyrics and you will hear all about the Khalifa Kush.”


When asked about his new album “Rolling Papers 2”.

“The title isn’t final, but this next project is definitely a representation of my growth as an artist and person. The core fans will, for sure, connect to the music. But I think the lyrics and topics have really changed as I’ve grown and experienced new things in my career and personally– like being a father. My songwriting process changes here and there. Every song is different because I don’t like to attack each track with the same method.”

When asked about his upcoming projects.

“Album and music, of course. But I love being creative in other areas, like fashion. I think they’re naturally connected, so look out for a bunch of clothing collaborations too.”

We can’t wait to see you too Wiz. And if you are as kicked about watching Wiz Khalifa live at TIMEOUT 72, then book your tickets get them on InsiderPaytm or BookMyShow.

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