Here’s a list of 5 music channels you must follow on YouTube.


You are already subscribed to Armada, Ultra, Vevo, Spinnin’ Records and the like on YouTube. The ultimate video-sharing website has always been a blessing, especially for lesser-known producers who can upload their music and have an instant widespread reach to a global audience through the fervidity of the internet. It is easy to get lost among the vast sea of videos posted every single day. Which is why, The Sherp shares 5 exemplary music channels that are home to innumerable undiscovered dance tracks which deserve to be heard:

1. Majestic

Although Majestic is a hub for all your soothing electronic musical needs, they also represent the best of experimental, hip-hop, indie, pop and more. ‘Majestic Casual’ is part of the Majestic brand, which is based in Germany. It was established in 2011 as one of the first audio-visual music blogs on YouTube.

YouTube Channel:

2. Turbo Recordings

Although they’re primarily a label, they update their YouTube channel with new music every week or two. Known for their underground techno style, Turbo is one of the best destinations to discover the latest in underground and is headed by none other than Tiga.

YouTube Channel:

3. Boiler Room

Boiler Room is known for throwing private parties in various cities across the world with upcoming as well as renowned electronic DJs and producers almost every day! Every set is filmed and streamed live on their YouTube channel. This is your best source to find out what the big shots are playing and get an exclusive sneak peek of fresh music.

YouTube Channel:

4. Eton Messy

A place to discover new and exciting electronic music, Eton Messy is always keeping up with the times. If you want to find amazing new artists and their tracks, then EM is the channel for you because they upload new music every few days! In just over a year, EM has evolved from relative obscurity to an essential platform for future bass & garage music. It was started by Adam Englefield, a Bristol university student who realized that much of the music he liked wasn’t being uploaded anywhere else. As a result, he started his own YouTube channel to host his favorite music.

YouTube Channel:

5. Délicieuse Musique

Known for uploading great music to promote artists, this channel is where you will find new A+ tunes every few days. Literally meaning ‘Delicious Music’, the channel uploads a variety of genres. And if you’re on-the-go, they also have an iPhone app for you which is pretty cool.

YouTube Channel:


So turn down those lights, sit back on your couch and listen to the sound of these vibes. Other music channels you should check out are:


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