Which radio station will you be listening to?


If you haven’t already got your copy of the Grand Theft Auto V, grab one NOW and make sure you have enough supplies in your bedroom to last you at least a month.

In addition to the stunning graphics, the attention to other meticulous details in the game is highly thoughtful and precise. A great amount of thought has also been put into the music of the latest GTA, making sure it adorns the contemporary setting. The fake world comes to life and almost feels real, taking your gaming experience to a whole new level!

So while you go about driving around, completing missions, committing acts of debauchery and indulging in the thrill of killing-sprees, you can choose the perfect track playing at the backdrop.

GTA V features a list of widely diverse radio stations that have a total of 240 licensed songs, that range from alt rock and experimental electronic to reggae and gangster rap – the largest soundtrack of GTA till date. And as the global music taste shifts towards the side of electronic music, it only makes sense to have some stations devoted to EDM in this installment of GTA. There are also radio stations in Spanish along with a post-disco station and a public talk radio station.

However, The Sherp’s favorite is FlyLo FM, which is Flying Lotus’ own radio station. Here’s the list of tracks you can hear on FlyLo FM:

Flying Lotus feat. Niki RandaGetting There

Clams CasinoCrystals

Flying LotusCrosswerved

Flying LotusBe Spin

Flying LotusSee Thru to U

Flying LotusThe Diddler

Flying LotusComputer Face Rmx

Hudson Mohawke100hm

Flying Lotus feat. Niki RandaThe Kill

Tyler, the CreatorGarbage

Outkast Elevators (Me & You)

Captain MurphyEvil Grin

Flying LotusCatapult Man

Dabrye Encoded Flow

MachinedrumShe Died There

DJ RashadIt’s Wack

ThundercatOh Sheit It’s X

Flying LotusStonecutters

Shadow Child 23

KingdomStalker Ha

Aphex TwinWindowlicker


Here are some of the other stations you can tune into:

Channel X

East Los FM 106.2

Los Santos Rock Radio

NightRide FM

Non Stop Pop FM

Radio Los Santos

Blaine County Talk Radio

Radio Mirror Park

Rebel Radio

Soulwax FM

Space 103.2

The Blue Ark FM

The Lowdown 91.1

Vinewood Boulevard Radio

West Coast Classics

West Coast Talk Radio

WorldWide FM