As lots of organizations embrace technology and going digital, it also exposes them to more threats. This has led to the fact that one of the fastest-growing areas of expertise in the IT industry today is security. Every year, more businesses are affected by cyber-attacks and open up the need for experts that are capable of preventing or mitigating the effects of these occurrences.

However, the need for security professionals has also risen. Jobs like penetration tester, security analyst, and security administrators are also getting popular. Organizations of every scale, from big ones like essaypro to much smaller ones are looking for security specialists. It goes to show that there is a demand for these types of roles, and it will undoubtedly grow as more businesses realize that safeguarding their data and networks should be a priority.

Considering this field of IT is quite new, the majority of professionals don’t have the skills, knowledge, and talent to respond to different types of attacks. And if you have these modern competencies, you’ll surely stand out of the crowd. Keep reading this article and you’ll know how to get and validate these skills through CompTIA’s certification Security+.

Working Towards a Career in Cybersecurity

Earning a proper credential is one of the best ways to start a career in IT security. It will ensure that you have the necessary knowledge & skills and can excel at your job. So, if you’re already in the IT industry and are working in some capacity with security, the best way to grow in your career or get the position you are striving for is through getting a credential. Which one? Go on reading.

An excellent badge to have so you will be able to demonstrate fundamental knowledge and required skills in the sphere is the CompTIA Security+ badge. It is trusted by a lot of organizations all over the world, including the US Department of Defense. It is also one that does not strictly require any previous certifications or experience, although having two years of hands-on work is recommended. If you feel like you want to jump in, but don’t have the necessary foundational knowledge, you can opt to get their A+ or Network+ credential to become more ready for earning the Security+ badge.

The most significant difference between this CompTIA’s certification and other options is that it is vendor-neutral. It is more concentrated on imparting you the required knowledge and skills in IT security rather than focusing on specific products or solutions. But using these skills you become a real solver in terms of implementing various security solutions. It also makes you more versatile since you can quickly be put in just about any environment and excel.

Quickly Earning Your Security+ Badge

The most crucial thing that you’ll need to comply with so you can get your Security+ certification is its associated exam, SY0-501. It will test your skills to secure systems, networks, and devices as well as knowledge of mitigation techniques, and confidentiality principles among others.

SY0-501 assessment is not free, it costs $349 per attempt. Knowing this, it’s essential that you pass it on your first try, so you don’t have to pay again if ever you fail. Prepare for it the right way, and you’ll surely ace it.

Similar to a lot of IT certification exams, the one for Security+ can be a challenge. There is a maximum of 90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions that you need to answer within an hour and a half. This roughly translates to an item per minute, which means that you’ll have to work on your exam-taking skills.

Benefits of Having Security+ Credential

Ultimately earning your Security+ certification is going to be rewarding. Apart from bragging rights, your career potential also opens up, giving you a lot more choices and specializing in security, which can pay you handsomely. Of course, this badge will bring you a lot of perks but here, we’ll tell you about the four main of them.

  • Better professional prospects

IT specialists working in security are highly valued by a lot of companies. Looking for a candidate with sufficient credentials, skills, and knowledge is becoming quite a challenge. So, with the Security+ certification you’ll have an edge over the other candidates since you’re fully equipped with the practical skills to solve security-related tasks.

Some of the career opportunities that are going to become available for you include system administrator, security engineer, and penetration tester positions, to name a few. Apart from these entry-level security roles, you can also get promoted to more advanced ones, especially after earning higher-level cybersecurity-related badges.

  • Improved pay

Since IT security professionals are in demand, their salary expectations are also high. And what is best, the employers are ready to pay much to be sure that their businesses are safe. According to, on average, you can earn about $74,000 per year as a professional with Security+ badge. And notice that as you climb the career ladder and gain new skills, your pay will also significantly increase.

  • Versatility as an IT professional

The CompTIA Security+ credential is recognized around the world as one of the foundational certifications in the IT cybersecurity field. The fact that it’s vendor-neutral allows you flexibility giving you the freedom to choose the area and organization. You’ll be able to work on different solutions and technologies since the badge teaches you about common security fundamentals rather than nuances of different products.

  • Opportunities for growth

You can consider Security+ as the first step in your career. However, it’s not going to be the last as CompTIA does offer more cybersecurity certifications so you can further specialize in the field of your choice. It’ll surely expose you to future advancements in security, and getting these additional badges will improve your career and open even more opportunities.


The CompTIA Security+ badge is one of the best ways to branch out into cybersecurity. If you think that securing data, networks, and devices is something that you’re interested in, this is the certification for you.

Obtaining it is also a chance for you to improve your career and take it to the next level. With it in your toolbox, you’ll be able to demand a significantly higher salary along with new prospects and benefits allowing you to live your best life. Think of it as an investment that will surely pay you back in the long run.