The world is still reeling from Prince’s death early on this year, but now fans might be treated to thousands of hours of new music by the legend! 

After the death of Prince, reports started to spring up that there were more than a dozen albums of unpublished music that the artist had never released. The music was apparently stored in a vault at his famous Paisley Park home. Also, Prince did not leave a will stating who would get ownership of the songs, which led many to believe that the music would never see the light of day.


But now, according to a report by Billboard, Prince’s estate advisers are looking for prospective buyers for the music with some of the biggest record label companies (Sony, Warner and Universal) in the world for as much as $35 million! Rumours are that all the three record honchos are interested in buying the material. Who wouldn’t be?

Due to ongoing legal rifts over ownership of the estate, the unpublished music hasn’t actually been cataloged. But Prince apparently told the New York Post that he had material that could fill up almost 26 albums! That’s A LOT! The vault too, in which the music is stored, is said to be a pretty tight one to get into. Only accessible by elevator, hidden behind a steel door and accessible only by a key code that only Prince knew.

If the ownership fights get sorted out and the music is bought by any of the record companies, Prince fans are in for more than just a treat!