From duct tape to bubble wrap, everything you’ll need for your weekend at Tomorrowland is here.

Tomorrowland is upon us and The Sherp has a few wardrobe essentials lined up for you. If you wish to look as fabulous as the pictures of Tomorrowland you see circulating on the internet, then simply make sure you have at least any one of these elements in your wardrobe.

Warning: This isn’t a regular what-to-pack list. This list can save your life.


1. Duct Tape



Cool Cat Quotient: Sixteen rebel oranges in a strawberry field.

It’s common knowledge that duct tape is very useful, and when planning your Tomorrowland wardrobe, it’s downright essential. From tube tops to bras, duct tape is uber-trendsetting. When it comes to music festivals, everyone already believes that less is more. Duct tape outfits are DIY, easy to make, and cost almost nothing.


2. Bubble Wrap

Cool Cat Quotient: Twenty swirly lollipops floating in the galaxy.

Bubble wrap, like duct tape, is value for money. It makes great outfits and with the hustle-bustle at music fests, protects you from harm. If that isn’t convincing enough, it’s also a good way to pass time – by popping the bubbles – when you’re bored!


3. Candy Bands

Cool Cat Quotient: Eighteen reckless llamas crossing the street.

In case you’ve been living under an enormous rock, these are totally the shiz right now. Considered typical rave attire, these bands not only look adorable, but also serve as a delicious snack when the line at the food stalls is too long to penetrate. And while we’re at it, why not take this a step further…


4. Candy Bras! (They’re like candy bars, only wearable.)

Cool Cat Quotient: Fourteen moon children riding Pegasus babies.

You need these edible bikinis in your life, pronto. With all the benefits of the candy bands plus the benefits of a regular bra, this outfit is totally Tomorrowland approved. Even if you eat your way through the entire thing, it’s alright, you can just go all point number 7. You’re welcome.


5. Exotic Headdress

Cool Cat Quotient: Nineteen gummy bears dressed for a semi formal party.

We all know that exotic headdresses are all the rage right now. Literally, they cause a lot of rage. They’re deemed culturally offensive, but look absolutely spectacular so who cares? And who better to look to for headdresses than the Queen of Quirky Headgear, Lady Gaga. Recreate a headdress from any one of her looks and you’re set.


6. This Colourful Home Cleaning Brush

Cool Cat Quotient: Sixteen tater tots stealing McFly’s underwear.

Why go looking for rainbow leg warmers or ‘fluffers’ when you can get the same awesomeness at home with this super trendy cleaning brush. Encapsulating all the colours of the rainbow and all the retro-ness of the seventies, this brush will serve as a great accessory as well as a good way to clean rubbish at the festival.


7. The Birthday Suit


Cool Cat Quotient: Twenty-one naked babies making space cookies.

When it gets too difficult to decide what to wear, just, well, don’t. In the spirit of Kazan Tip, Buring Man and this Nudefest, go enjoy the festival in the nude – granted, it’s permitted. Because when it comes to dressing for music festivals, less is always more, it is known.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to be humorous in nature. No offense is intended to festival attendees, ravers or Tomorrowland. Love and peace, folks.