The only thing you’re expected to wear here is sun screen.

We at Festival Sherpa take pride in introducing our readers to the weirdest, strangest and yet, unsung and underrated festivals from the shiftiest crevices of the world. Ergo, we love discovering new festivals. And we love enthusing about them to you. Here’s this week’s fix of quirky for you.

The Nudefest, now in its fifth year, is Newguay’s Naturist festival that takes place on July 5-12. For an entire week, nudists of all kind can shed their clothes and enjoy a plethora of immersive and diverse events at Newperran Holiday Park, unrestricted. Including band performances, stand up comedy acts, open bars and pools and more you can check out here.

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Organized by British naturism, this event is open to all. For those of you who are newbies to naturism, Nudefest promises a hearty welcome and all the comfort they can provide.

The festival prides itself in their versitality, claiming that ‘there’s something for everyone’ which sort of seems legit considering that they offer a wide range of activities including yoga, meet and greets, garden parties, talent shows, “Ibiza Disco Nights” or if you’re just not about that life, then you can either go skinny dipping or sun bathe while you enjoy a nice cocktail near the pool.

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The turnout for Nudefest usually sees an older crowd, but the festival is open to all adults. So if you want to explore something wacky in earnest, Nudefest should be your go-to place.

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