The biggest star of the music festival galaxy Tomorrowland is here to stay!

ID&T Belgium and SFX Entertainment signed an agreement with the province of Antwerp, in the town Boom, Belgium which permits them to continue for a second weekend every year until 2033. The home of the annual festival will be the ravers’ ultimate destination to be! If only we could book tickets to Boom, for every year from now!

The mayor of Boom, Jeroen Baert, noted that the contract will be reviewed annually to assure Tomorrowland meets with the conditions. It’s been established that the contract if broken, will have the potential to be completely terminated by the following year. Mayor Baert also stated that the festival itself may not even be around by 2033 and as much as we would like to deny it, it’s quite possible!


The American spinoff titled, Tomorrowworld, was shut down after its third year and Tommorowland Brazil only lasted two years before finally announcing it’s return for 2018.

Tomorrowland Belgium began in 2005 and only 9000 people attended it. Since 2011, 180,000 people have attended the annual gathering and tickets have been selling quicker by the year. In 2016, tickets were sold out in just forty minutes! We think by 2033, Tomorrowland will be bigger but we cannot possibly imagine how much more bigger and better it can get!

While all that is happening, we know Tomorrowland will be here in the long run somehow. Don’t you?