This NASA discovery will give you goosebumps.

We marvel at the visuals of the Earth  from outer space. However, looking at the beauty that is the universe, we come to the alarming yet essential realization that we’re all just tiny specs and the small problems in our lives don’t really matter anymore. After all, once extraterrestrial life forms attack, we’re all doomed right? Thankfully, NASA scientists’ new discovery is uplifting everyone’s mood!


Space might be a vacuum but the scientists have found that a complex symphony of sounds are filling outer space with a repetitive chorus in the vast space. These sounds are made up of vibrational waves which are a result of the electromagnetic pulses given off by planets, their rings, their moons, radio waves and other floating bodies. This pulse bounces between a planet ans its invisible border, the result of which is an interaction of charged particles that takes place in the planet’s atmosphere. Crazy right?

But what’s even better is that NASA has developed an instrument (because of obvious reasons), called Plasma Wave Antenna, which allows them to hear the created sound. Take a look at one of the recordings with the sounds from Saturn’s rings, Miranda, Neptune, Voice of Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, IO, Rings of Uranus, Song of Earth and Uranus.

Check this out, trust us, it’s incredible:

BRB, we’re applying for a job at NASA!