Over the last two months, The Sherp has been interacting with some truly passionate fans of Above & Beyond from different parts of the world – fans who have ‘Pushed The Button’ at their various events, fans who attended the acoustic show at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and the more recent ABGT050 at Alexandra Palace in London, fans who have had the privilege to meet Tony, Jono and Paavo, and also the fans who have not witnessed an Above & Beyond live performance, yet. It has been an absolutely overwhelming experience, to say the least.

It’s beyond amazing how Tony, Jono and Paavo have impacted lives around the world… in ways you cannot even imagine! Some of the incidents the fans shared moved us to tears and at times, we even had goose bumps! We would love to share them with each of you:


1.   My first Above & Beyond gig was at The Jayamahal Palace in Bangalore, India on November the 10th, 2012. It was called TATW 450, as a tribute to celebrating 450 episodes of their radio show ‘Trance Around The World’. Little did we know that we were in for another surprise, another bigger reason to celebrate. It was also the launch of the first episode of their new and improved radio show called ‘Group Therapy’ that replaced the former show. We got to witness the end of TATW and mark a new beginning with ABGT. Above & Beyond along with their lineup for the show : Jody Wisternoff, the legendary Andrew Bayer, Norin & Rad and the amazing Mat Zo really did blow our minds away. My very presence there gave me a whole new purpose to live life. It really was one of those goose-bump moments except I had them for the whole 6 hours of the show. “Trance music really does bring a new perspective to the way one lives life and perceives things.” Above & Beyond does just that by taking Trance to new heights. I’m sure anyone who witnessed the show would agree with me.

–   Preethi V Jayakumar, 21 – Bangalore, India


2.   Ok I don’t know where to begin but I have been a fan and have always loved trance music. I have introduced so many people to Above & Beyond it’s not even funny. My first album (I own about 15 – I like to buy the CDs still) I think it was in 2002 or 2003. I started going to raves in 2003 and I remember loving the song ‘Satellite’ about being half a world away and when I left for the military in 2006 my friends always thought of me when that song played. That song always made me happy when I would hear it.

The first time I ever got see Above & Beyond was in 2010. I was stationed out in Georgia and asked for the time off. I drove 9 hours alone to Miami for Ultra Music Festival. It was everything I imagined and more. I went to Ultra and the show was pure bliss. They played songs like ‘Good For Me’, ‘Satellite’ and ended with ‘On A Good Day’. Since I have been home since January 2011, I have gotten to see Above & Beyond plenty of more times, including 2012 where I drove 6 hours to Phoenix for a show. I attended Group Therapy Miami, EDC Las Vegas, twice at the shrine in LA and also at Sutra in Orange County! I have taken several people to their shows and they are now fans too. This weekend will be my 14th SHOW. Other festivals I have attended in LA and or the San Bernardino area.

I have their record label symbol tattooed on me because I know I will always love their music. Their music has lifted my spirits when I have gone through heartbreak and even when I was just having a bad day. Their music gives me hope and happiness at the same time. I one day plan to say that I have seen Above & Beyond play over 25 times! I love their DVD from Gao to Rio because it just shows them being themselves. I think that is all I have to say.

–   Berenice Celeste Carcano, 27 – Whittier, California


3.   Growing up as a child, my cousins introduced me to Above & Beyond. The older I got the more drawn to them I got. Around the age of 15, I started attending electronic dance music events and Above & Beyond happened to be one of the first DJs I witnessed, it was Nocturnal 2008 – I remember it just like yesterday.

I’ve seen them numerous amounts of times and they’ve impacted my life so much. I’ve gone through the roughest times just listening to their music, I can be in the worst of moods and listen to their music and instantly smile. As a matter of fact I have ‘If I Could Fly’ lyrics by Oceanlab tattooed on me. They’ve inspired me so much and will continue attending their magical shows because each time is completely different from the previous show.

It seems to get better and better.

–   Marsel Malaiha Alslami, 21 – Irvine, California



4.   Speechless is what I have become after attending my first Above & Beyond event and to my excitement it was their first USA acoustic gig. Under the same electric sky we shared deep meaningful emotions and shivers as the choreographers played their notes, the chills that ran down my body have never felt so alive. It was a magical night for me since I finally got the chance to see Paavo, Jono and Tony share the same stage. I will forever remember this night especially the way Tony closed down the show – his beautiful mind has finally spoken and left this Group Therapy marked in my heart. It has all finally made sense – life is made of small moments like this!

–   Denise Gonzalez, 19 – Los Angeles, California


5.   I always associated TATW with long working hours at college before the 10th of November last year. Two hours of incredible music that was just the right fuel whether it was working alone or with friends. After that day however, it meant so much more. Each time I listen to the sets from that day (at least 200 times and counting) it’s all still so clear. Walking in to the venue when the countdown to Jody Wisternoff’s set began *Oh my God this is live*, the insane opening track in Andrew Bayer’s set that made me “lose my marbles”. ‘Halcyon’, ‘Counting The Points’ and ‘Rift’ one after the other (dream tracklists are made of these), the insane energy and how everyone was dancing in unison with broad smiles right through Mat Zo’s set, how the lights suddenly became much brighter when they introduced Group Therapy Radio – almost like the sun rose on us, the cool breeze, confetti and Group Therapy drapes, ‘Easy’ and ‘Walter White’, everybody present there singing along to ‘On A Good Day’.. There was so much happiness, positivity, freedom and love that the music brought about, it was unbelievable. Just over a month until it feels like déjà vu.

–   Kavyashri Cherala, 22 – Hyderabad, India


6.   Wow, compiling how much Above & Beyond mean to me, and how they have impacted my life in a few lines is going to be tough. The first time I saw them live was in 2009 at Nocturnal Festival Texas, and it was actually the first I had ever heard their music. I remember not knowing who was performing, but absolutely loving it. It was that festival, and more specifically Above & Beyond’s set, which introduced me to trance music and the wave of emotions it can influence on you. Since then my love for A&B has grow immensely, and with the help of Trance Around The World, Group Therapy, and my best friend Brooke who got me listening I managed to fight my way through some of the many challenges life has thrown at me throughout the past few years. I’ve been lucky to see them live 3 times within the past year, but no words could even begin to describe how excited I am to see them where it all began; London. Ally Pally better get ready for some serious Group Therapy!

–   Alex Rosenquist, 21 – Dallas, TX, USA


7.   I haven’t been to any of Above & Beyond’s live performances, this is actually my first one. So I’m really excited to experience this acoustically. I’ve been listening to A&B for about six months now, I just so happened to come across one of their music videos on YouTube for their song ‘Love Is Not Enough’ from their Group Therapy album. When I first heard the song I instantly fell in love. I was going through a recent break up and I felt like the song spoke out to me, like someone could relate to what I was feeling, they could relate to my heartbreak, word for word in a way I couldn’t express. I think from then on that song opened the door for the entire album, and the rest of their music. Now I just simply can’t get enough of them.

–   Daysi Palominos, 24 – Moreno Valley, California


8.   The first time I heard an Above & Beyond song was in 2004 at a rave called E.T.D. LOVE.  The song was ‘No One On Earth’ (Feat. Zoe Johnston). I completely fell in love with the vocalist and rhythm that I had to look up who the artists were when I got home. Over the years, Jono, Tony and Paavo’s music through their albums, Trance Around The World/Group Therapy podcasts, and multiple performances I’ve been to have always inspired me and have been the soundtrack to my life in success, failure, love, heartbreak, and inspiration.  Their music has meant so much to me, that earlier this year I got a tattoo of the Anjunabeats logo on my left arm with the phrase “To Live, To Laugh, To Love” above it.

There are some moments in life that take your breath away. The Above & Beyond acoustic show at The Greek Theatre in LA on October 12th, 2013 was one of those moments for me. Simply put…it was amazingly beautiful. I could go on for hours about how creative and ingenious it was…and at the same time, I could sit in silence with a grin just reminiscing on the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

–   Christopher Jose, 28 – San Jose, California