Tom Swoon had Sunburn 10 revellers on their toes. 

Polish DJ, remixer and record producer Tom Swoon drew inspiration from artists like Deadmau5 and Daft Punk and today, he is at a very exciting point in his career. We had a good fortune to catch him before he went on stage at Sunburn 10 and here’s what he had to say:


The Sherp: Hey Tom! Glad to have you back in India. 2016 has been a big year for you. What was your first ever UMF (Ultra Music Festival) performance like?

Tom Swoon: It was pretty crazy. Actually, this year I managed to score two performances at Ultra Miami and Ultra Japan and it was pretty amazing because it was kind of a different experience. In Miami, I got the whole WMC (Winter Music Conference) vibe and it was crazy to see all these DJs and artists at one place and then the crowd; the whole experience was the best. Later this year, three months ago, Ultra Japan was a crazy experience as well because I love Asia so much and for me, Japan is like my second home. I love India too, but with Japan it’s kind of a special relationship. And then, to have all this energy and chemistry with all the people at the main stage of such a huge festival, it’s hard to describe it. I just hope I’ll be able to do that again.

The Sherp: So, speaking of big festivals; you’re performing at Sunburn this year alongside a host of big names. Who would you collaborate with from the list?

Tom Swoon: From the roster and line-up of this Sunburn Festival, there are no second guess. 100% Axwell^Ingrosso. They are my heroes and I’m really gutted because we’ll miss each other since they’re performing on the 30th. But I really love their music; right from the time they were solo artists to the time they were Swedish House Mafia and now to the time they’ve become Axwell^Ingrosso. They’re really killing it and really shaping up how electronic music really looks like. They create anthems after anthems and it would be a dream come true for me if we end up in the studio together.

The Sherp: You have been touring for a while now and you have been all over the world. Name three places you love performing at.

Tom Swoon: I think if I had to name three places, I would definitely say Japan, second India and third being back home in Poland because Poland is my place and I can’t stay away from that place. It’s also special because no matter if it’s a small crowd or a big festival; it just feels so good to be back home.

The Sherp: Do you have any collaborations coming up?

Tom Swoon: There are a few collaborations, big projects and big releases. Everything has been lined up for 2017, but first I want to close 2016 with a bang and then I am going to start revealing my plan slowly in 2017. But, just so you know, there is some stuff to keep the fans waiting for.

The Sherp: What is your New Year’s plan? What are you doing on the 31st? Are you going to play somewhere or are you spending time with family?

Tom Swoon: I wish I could spend time with my family, but I did that for 23 years. For 23 years I was back home for Christmas and New Year. But I think it’s now time to experience it from the other side. For the period of Christmas, I was on tour and for New Year’s Eve I’m playing in Macau for a big party there. I’m really excited about how it’s going to turn out.


The Sherp: You remixed Shaan and Robert Falcon’s latest Armada release ‘Mirage’ and it turned out to be quite a stunning rework. But what are you comfortable with – remixing or originals?

Tom Swoon: With remixes, it’s always easier because you have something to work with. You have the original track; you have the vocals; you have some idea and melodies that you can go the easy way with and just play around with them. Originals are mostly a work from scratch because I kind of work on a project or a tune and then I keep it for the vocalist. It’s not the other way around because if I get the vocals first, it would be like lyrics. So, an original is definitely more challenging, but also the end result is more satisfying. If you manage to do it from scratch till the end and it turns out to be a great track then the feeling is great on the inside.

The Sherp: You have been here before and you’ve definitely had a taste of Indian cuisine. What is your favourite cuisine?

Tom Swoon: I would say Tandoori Chicken is my current jam. I also love lamb and the food you have here is amazing. If it’s not too spicy then its good because I’m in the middle kinda guy. If it’s delightfully spicy, then it’s okay.

The Sherp: What do you never leave your home without?

Tom Swoon: Without my phone for sure! I’m addicted and everybody tells me that but, then again, that’s where my world is. It’s filled with my contacts; my parents, my friends, my family and my fans. Everything I need to communicate with them and also my music. I listen to music whenever I’m travelling. It’s always on my phone.