A country favourite, Dannic couldn’t be happier to be back for his fans at Sunburn 10.
Dutch DJ and progressive house producer Dannic was in the country for Sunburn 10 and he gave his audience a performance they won’t forget. But, before he set the stage on fire, we sat down with him for a one-on-one interview and here’s what he had to say:

Credits: flickr.com

The Sherp: Hey Dannic, great to have you back In India! How was it performing at Sunburn this year in front of your loyal fan base here in India?

Dannic: Like you said, it’s for my fans. It’s been two years since I played in Goa for Sunburn and now here in Pune; it’s just amazing. When I announced that I was playing here, people went nuts on my social media pages and that makes me feel really good because I feel very welcomed and very supported. I just can’t wait to play more music.

The Sherp: Since releasing your first solo track “Doster”, how have you dealt with the success and the fame that accompanied it?

Dannic: It’s like a journey for me. A journey of hard work and passion and I never stop making music and I will never stop making music since that’s the key. In fact, nothing’s really changed for me. Only my profile is growing and my fan base is growing and that’s what I live for. I get so much energy from it.

The Sherp: In the course of your career as a DJ and as a producer, can you pinpoint one favourite moment over this whole journey so far?

Dannic: That’s really easy. It’s the first time I played main stage at Tomorrowland. For me, at that point in my career, I never expected it. I was so nervous before I went on stage and only after the first three songs it went away gradually. But that was sick.

Credits: facebook.com/djdannic

The Sherp: Which has been your most memorable performance of 2016?

Dannic: So difficult, but one of the highlights of the year was the Untold Festival in Romania. It’s for 60,000 people in a giant stadium and I played 90 minutes there and it was 90 minutes of jumping and screaming and shouting and it was just amazing.

The Sherp: What about your favourite festival performance of all time? Is it Tomorrowland?

Dannic: No! Actually, and not because I’m just saying it, Sunburn Goa was the first time that I played for 50,000+ people. It was in 2014, which was also in December, and I showed it to my entire family since I made an intro and a movie for them. I sent it to them and they were like “Woah”. It was ridiculous and crazy. So, for me at that time, it was the most memorable thing.

The Sherp: Can you let us in on any rituals that you follow before performing in front of a power-packed full house show?

Dannic: Drink more beer, that’s all (laughs). Maybe something more, but sometimes it depends on how I handle it.

The Sherp: Which fellow artists from the Sunburn roster are you looking forward to watching live?

Dannic: Actually I’m looking forward to seeing Lucas & Steve. They’re very good friends of mine as well and I like their sound; it’s very house-y. Shaan is a big talent of course and I really like his style of sound. I’m also looking forward to the other Indian DJs as well. Sartek for sure.